+++ Last Update: 2019-06-01 +++ Welcome our new singer, Lee! +++ "Da würde ich mich schon gerne mal reinsetzen" +++ "KONZENTRATIERE DICH!" +++ "Ja, das kann man so nennen." +++ "Das war eine schöne Periode" +++

The band

Yes, the name above is our band name. But if you like, you can call us SPACE TURTLES but please in CAPSLOCK.

We don't know what style we play but it sounds like rock with elements from post and progressive.

Ah, yes. We are from Cologne, Germany.

And we got this facebook and instagram profile, too



Okay, important. These are really really crappy recordings from our rehearsal room. The tracks are mostly rough drafts. Also we kind of drunk most of the time. Keep this in mind. Thanks - we think.


Currently, we have a set of roundabout 30 - 35 minutes, so we are able to play as opener. If you are interested, drop a note to laura: quellmalz.laura@gmail.com


Behold! We got some pictures!

Lee Hawksbill
Dirk Tortoise
Laura Chelonian
Philipp Loggerhead
Color by number on an arm
Don't look at the guitar box
But the amp is quite cool
We put them where the sun's not shining
As we say, "Bäm oida"
It's called stroke by reasons

Imprint & Pricaxy

The Space Turtles are a private band of hobby musicians. However the German laws force us to provide an imprint. Here it is:

Space Turtles
c/o Art Olive - Die Kulturoase
Vogelsanger Str. 282
50825 Köln

E-Mail: info@space-turtles.rocks

We donot track anything of you and your data. We donot use third party software or embedding. We have no tracking. Everything you do in this cave stays in the cave.

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